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Vastu is pure, ideal and only one in Vedic Granthas. It's name doesn't have any prefix or suffix.
Vastu changes with the pace of time (even if any Property is registered for a long time in the name of same person), time to time changes in the surroundings of any Property, making sub- divisions of any Property and even when the name of registered person of any Property gets changed.

Vastu and Horoscope of the registered / rented person of the Property both are co related to one another. Vastu has beneficial or maleficial or both effects on the persons registered for any Property and also, on the persons residing / using the Property not immediately; but after a certain time period depending upon the strength or weakness of the Planets / Signs / Constellations placed in the Horoscope of the registered / residing persons / users of any Property.

Vastu Tips


Choose homes that have east, north and north-east facing entrance.


Avoid house with a lot of sharp edges as they attract negative energies.


Make sure your bed doesn't face a mirror or anything made of glass, this brings bad dreams and effects the balance.


Thorny plants like cactus and other shrubs should not be kept inside the house, they attract negative energies

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Important Tips

  • The house should be in the South west zone of the plot.
  • Slope of the ground should be from the South to North and from West to East.
  • Walls of the South and West zones should be thick.
  • Cupboards and Cabinets are suggested to be in the South and West zones of the room.
  • Bores, Undergroundwater body to the North and North east zones are good.
  • Over head tanks in South west or West are the best locations. They can be located in South too. They should never be located in North east, South east or at the centre of the house.
  • Window and door openings to North and East zones are better.
  • Kitchen should be to the South east zone (e.t. in the AgneyaKonha) and the cook facing the East.
  • Balconies in the North and East zones are better option.
  • Place mirror on the North and East walls.
  • Best location for toilets are South, South west and West zones.
  • Construct staircase in South west corner or West or South directions in a home.