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SMS Solution

Cosmo Infomatics (P) Ltd. Presents a software package for sending customized SMS to a group or an individual

COSMO SMS Solution

The new generation Business Messaging System, is the ultimate in SMS revolution that sends out individualized, Bulk text/Flash messages directly from your PC to the recipient without any mobile phone.
     This Application is Ideal for
Educational/Training Institutions Retail SMS business People
All kinds of Distributors Tours & Travels
All manufacturing companies Recruitment Agencies
Automobile Showrooms/Service Centers Call Centre Vehicle Management Team
Blood Banks Corporate Managers
Book Stores Diagnostic Centers/Hospitals
Courier Companies Hotels/Clubs/Restaurants/Resorts
HR Consulting agencies Insurance Sector
Malls/Super Markets Marriage Bureau
Mobile Phone Show Rooms/Service Transport Companies
Real Estate Companies Movie Bookings
Use of SMS Solution in Educational Institutions
 Communication needs at Institutions:
  • Contact specified & futuristic target
  • Answer the different query
  • Communication problems for informing Students, Staff & Parents on emergency
  • Handing Routine Queries
  • Examination Dates/Centers
  • Admission/Interview dates
  • Annual Holidays
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Fees Payment Reminders
 Use SMS to
  • Connect Maximum possible futuristic student
  • Inform the parents about any unscheduled holiday that has to be declared due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Fog
  • Bandh - Due to Political Un-stability
  • Reminders to Parent Community
  • Acknowledgment of Fees/Addmission Apply
 Urgent Alerts
  • An SMS informing the parents about the situation in the institute when there has been a natural calamity like Earthquakes etc
 Other alerts:
  • Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Annual Day
  • Health Camp
  • Parent Teacher Association Meeting
  • Examination Dates / Centers
  • Fees Payment Reminders
  • Remarks by teachers on Academic / Behavioral performance of students
  • Availability of student's exam mark-sheet
  • Student's Attendance
  • Online Admissions
  • Intimate parents for the time & date of the interviews or the results of the interviews.
  • This way the crowds of aspiring candidates can be reduced and the school administration is rid of answering hundreds of queries.
 Software Features
  • Bulk SMS
  • Can integrate with any Database
  • Customizable Multiple Greetings and Signatures
  • Normal SMS
  • Log File/Sent Items
 Hardware Features
   • Pentium Processor
  •  Memory/RAM at least 512 MB
   • Hard Disk at least 1 GB
   • Any GSM SIM card
   • Internet Connection

  • Reach Target Customers
  • Cost effective communication (each SMS cost is as per service providers)
  • Most effective communication compared to Phone calls, e-mails and Fax.
  • Personalized SMS, hence more mileage
  • Time Saving Communication
  • Personalized SMS
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